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Client Testimonials

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I Highly Recommend Mr. Graham

I recently was arrested for public intoxication in Bloomington, IN. I was not sure what the appropriate steps to take were after being released and decided to seek legal advice. I gave Mr. Graham a call and he was very straight forward with me about my options and the potential outcomes. Originally I did not think I would need legal representation, however, Mr. Graham informed me that, although I could represent myself, my best shot at keeping the arrest off my record was to hire an attorney, whether it be him or another. He offered this consultation free of charge and ultimately I decided to have Mr. Graham represent me. I am very happy with that decision. Mr. Graham was very professional, straight forward, and knowledgeable. His fees were very reasonable and he gave me a flat charge from which any resulting legal fees he would pay. Mr. Graham was able to secure a Pre-Trial Diversion verdict for me, which was the best case scenario and kept the arrest off my record. I recommend Mr. Graham to anyone in a similar situation as I unfortunately found myself in.

A Weight Off My Shoulders

He was very supportive, especially emotionally. In a scenario that I didn’t know how it was going to turn out., he backed me up, and was very supportive. He continuously reassured me with facts of the situation instead of just trying to feed me false hope.

Very Helpful

He spent around 20 minutes via the phone to discuss my matter with me and did not charge me. He was very knowledgeable about the expungement process and I look forward to working with him in the future.

Driving While Suspended Charge

I had a driving while suspended charge that i was facing, and also a 10 year license suspension. I had been informed of Roy from another lawyer. When I called and talked to Roy he was always responsive and very calming to talk to. He always returned my phone calls and e-mails. He was able to get the charge dropped and dismissed. I was very pleased with him overall and would hire him again if needed.

Roy Graham Is Top Notch!

I got myself into a legal issue in Bloomington, IN when I was caught with marijuana in my house. I got a hold of Roy and explained my issue. He talked to me several times without asking for payment, and once payment was given we talked more about what the outcome was going to be depending on how much work was going to have to put in. Although I received only probation (after having other criminal records) he also got me an earned dismissal upon completion of my probation. He is a great lawyer and is very personable. Roy works hard to get his foot in the door with the officials to get the best deal for his clients, and I would recommend him to anyone with a legal issue!

Very Calculated, Articulate And Dedicated Attorney

About 10 months ago, I ran into some legal troubles. Never been in trouble; always kept l my nose clean. My family has very high expectations; never thought that I would ever get myself into trouble. When I faced lengthy jail time, Mr. Graham was able to aid me and keep me sane for almost a year. (Recklessness) Bringing shame to myself and reputation, Mr. Graham was able mediate for me to my family. With his help, we were able to convey the court for a positive resolution. Whenever I had questions, he would respond back swiftly. Great person!!

Great Lawyer

I would recommend Roy and I would hire him again. He was always on top of things and he was very personable. He took a lot of the stress off my shoulders which is what a lawyer should do!

Reasonable Fees Great Lawyer

Working with Roy was a great experience.  I never felt that Roy was not working hard on my case, and any time I had a question it was answered. Overall Roy‘s hard work help me get the best possible outcome in my matter..

2nd Chance

I didn’t use Roy Graham as criminal defense, I used him to help me get my record cleaned. Here is the story:

I was charged with criminal charges in 2012. I used another lawyer in town, and the charges were dismissed. That lawyer was effective, but she said I had no options to get the charges taken off my record. As a graduate student with a bright future, I was very worried. The mere fact that you were charged with a crime is sometimes enough to deter employers from hiring you.

I called Roy Graham to get a second opinion. He saw a way for me to get a 2nd chance through a new Indiana law (a law that my previous lawyer obviously didn’t know about). Roy was able to help me clean my record as if nothing ever happened, he did exactly what my previous lawyer said she couldn’t. Roy knows the law very well. He’s also very creative, which I found out is important as a lot of the law seems to be about interpretation.

He is also a good communicator. I called him pretty frequently, because I was a little freaked out over my case. He was generally very patient, returned calls quickly, and clearly explained everything to me.

Good Guy, Great Lawyer

Great lawyer, worked with us, and kept us informed. he let us know what to expect and didn’t bullsh*t us with a bunch of promises he couldn’t guarantee. If I ever need a lawyer I would call Roy first. good sense of humor though the jokes could use a little work. If someone needs a lawyer I would definitely recommend Mr. Graham. Only one thing I can say THANKS for all your hard work and dedication, from both of us and God bless.

Excellent Lawyer And Person

Roy Graham is very knowledgeable and answers all your questions with patience. He answers his phone calls personally and will advise you on your case even before you have hired him. His advice is genuine and honest and I recommend him to anyone in legal trouble.

This Lawyer Is Great!

I called him second and knew this was the lawyer for me. He answered right away and talked with me for a great while. He was good for my budget and worked with me on that. I recommend him to anyone who is getting a divorce. He is still helping me and has accomplished several things for me during the process.

Great Experience

I called Roy‘s office late on a Sunday and was astonished that he answered the phone. However, what is truly more impressive is his integrity, compassion and gifted skills.

Helpful And Supportive

Mr. Graham promptly provided feedback and research for my issue. When it was made known to him that my case needed to be addressed in another state, he followed up with me and provided timely advice to assuage my fears and trepidation. He was reassuring and knowledgeable, and not afraid to do the research and make the contacts to resolve my case in a most timely manner.


Roy is the best lawyer. He keep me informed and aware of what was going on. I called him alot with lots of questions and concerns and he never got upset with me. I would strongley encourage anyone who wants a lawyer to call Roy for any case. He will fight hard for you.

Very Highly Recommended

I had my privilege of hiring Mr. Graham as my Lawyer as a small business owner.I say privilege as it was a pleasure working with Mr. Graham.Excellent Lawyer with dedication and heart.I VERY highly recommend Mr. Graham if you need an attorney who will win in court and also won defamation for me which is almost impossible in courts.Thank you Very much Mr Roy Graham you are a WINNER!!

Family Law Review

Mr. Graham work on my case of custody in 2008 and also I just had a modification of visitation. I got the visitation changed thanks to Mr. Graham. He kept me informed of court dates, and sent me the judges order as soon as he got it. Also explained what the order meant.He is a very good attorney and I do recommend him to anyone that I hear needs an attorney.

Great Family Attorney!!

I retained Mr. Graham‘s services more than a year ago to help our family with a case against my college-age son. His actions within the court system were proactive and he offered me detailed explanations of the processes occurring within the court system as they unfolded. He also gave me sound advice on how to interpret and react to those processes.

Roy Graham Review

Mr. Graham provided me with fair and honest advice. He was easily accessible and responsive to phone calls and emails. He would typically respond within 24 hours if not sooner. He is fair with fees and up front with his terms. He is knowledgeable of the law and current appeals happening in the court system.

Focused And Gets Results

Mr. Graham handled my legal matter professionally with a keen eye towards results. I highly recommend him.

Excellent Lawyer

I think Mr Graham is a excellent lawyer who knows the law and will work very hard to help people. He believed that I was innocent and worked diligently to get my case resolved.