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About Bloomington Attorney Roy Graham

The son of a lawyer, Roy Graham grew up with the law. He saw his father do his best for clients, and he came to realize that the practice of law is a service job. Lawyers exist to serve their clients — to support them through difficult times and to guide them through the legal system to a brighter future.

For more than 30 years, Roy has done just that for his own clients. He offers prompt and personal service to clients in Bloomington, Indiana, and the surrounding counties, representing them in a wide range of criminal defense and family law matters.

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Do I Need A Lawyer?

Many people who face criminal or family legal trouble are not sure whether they need to hire a lawyer. They may consider handling matters themselves or getting legal representation from a public defender. If you are unsure, talking with Roy Graham is a good idea.

Roy takes a straightforward approach. He will be honest with you about your situation, and he can advise you about what actions to take. The truth is that you may not need a lawyer. If that’s the case, he will let you know.

Affordable Legal Representation

If you do need a lawyer and choose to retain Roy Graham, he will make sure that his fee is fair and based on the problem at hand. Clients at the law firm are not forced to pay a high standard fee; attorney’s fees are adjusted based on your situation and goals. He tries to get the best possible results as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

Please contact Roy Graham Law at 812-269-2923 so that attorney Roy Graham can answer your questions. There is no charge for the initial call.